Landscape Architecture (Master Course)

Guidelines for the Supervised Internship Semester

Criteria for a pass grade

  • Work experience presentation
  • Reference letter from the company

Work Experience Report and Presentation Design

Experience Report

  • Structure
  • Length: 10 – 15 pages
  • Appendices (business report, material...) as appropriate

Minimum content requirements for the report / presentation:

  • Presenting the company (structure, products/services, corporate culture, regulations)
  • Job description (Department, tasks and responsibilities, function in the department)
  • Outcome (Purpose of work; contribution to the company)
  • Dovetailing of theory and practice (Analysis and appraisal, what could be apply directly, what was an indirect help, (in retrospect) what would be have needed to learn)
  • Personal evaluation of work experience (Reflection Guidelines)

Please check:

Internship Reflection Guidelines

Starting Internship

  • How did you get the place at the company?
  • The placement interview and what you noticed at the time


  • What did I want, hope for, expect – in terms of Job area or tasks, Colleagues and superiors
  • Supervision - What was the reality? Were your expectations met?
  • Does the company have a motto or guiding principle?
  • Your overall impression

Tasks and supervision

  • Were you over- or under-challenged by your tasks, or were they just right?
  • Were you only challenged by the substance of the work or did you also have to contribute in other areas (negotiations, meetings, discussions, presentations)?
  • Did you enjoy the work?
  • What did you learn from it?
  • How were you supervised?
  • Did your supervisor give you sufficient information?
  • Did you get feedback about your performance?

Work climate, colleagues, superiors

  • How was the cooperation with your colleagues?
  • Were there any points of conflict? If yes, how was it treated in the organisation?
  • How was your own relationship to your superiors?
  • What was your impression of the corporate and work climate? Was it a pleasant working atmosphere?

Self Assessment

  • How involved were you with your work?
  • Did you meet the company's demands? (Did you know the standards you had to meet?)
  • How would you evaluate your own key qualifications (Social competences, Methods)

How internship relates to your future career

  • Why did you take this particular work placement?
  • Has the experience improved your chances of a future career?
  • What are those new chances concretely?
  • What impetus have they given to your perspective on your career?

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