Landscape Architecture (Master Course)


  1. Fill out the application form „Application for Admittance to start a Master Thesis“ (What’ s your topic? Who are your advisors? Your CURRENT address, Signage of your first advisor). Submit the application form to the Examination office (Dr. I. Erfurt).
  2. You will get informed about the delivery date for your thesis a few days later by post from the Examination Office. (From the day of the signage by the Examination office you have 20 WEEKS until you have to deliver your thesis at the Examination Office.)

    thesis delivery

  3. Deliver all copies at the Examination Office for stamping it. (At latest by your delivery date.) Make sure that you have the STUDENT STATUS for as long as you haven‘ t defend your thesis!
  4. Give the two stamped copies to your advisors.
  5. Find a date for your Master colloquium (defense) together with your advisors. Your thesis itself will count as 4/5, the defense of your thesis 1/5 in your final grade.
  6. After the colloquium your first advisor has to deliver the protocol of the closure process as well as the expertise/reports (from both advisors) of your thesis to the Examination Office.
  7. After your Master colloquium you have to deliver a digital copy (CD/DVD) to the library. of the Hochschule together with the „Application for matriculation“. Further you have to apply for your certificate of your Master study at the Examination office.

Examination Office (Prüfungsamt)

Dr. Ines Erfurt
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Office hours: Tue/Thu 9am - 12am and 1pm - 3:30pm

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